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Oskar’s Reception Area

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Feel free to contact Oskar’s team at the reception area. We are ready to help you with reservations for events, birthday parties, family meetings or buying a voucher.

Here, you can also buy your annual season ticket for just 24,00€ – for yourself or as a present for an Oskar-fan.

Not here yet? You can make reservations via e-mail. Write us at:

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Information in Oskarshausen

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This the perfect place for all fans of DynamoDresden. In Oskarshausen, you can find plenty of merchandise from Dynamo Dresden. Here are some pictures from our last event with the sports team in February 2020.

Dynamo Ecke in Oskarshausen für alle Schwarz–Gelb-Fans

The favorite place of makers of all ages.

Over 50 different ceramic products are waiting to be painted by you! Sit back and relax in our ceramics corner and take a break. If you want you can also paint on fabric or canvas.

bemale Porzellan in der Porzellanwerkstatt in Oskarshausen

Hammer, saw, paint and glue…

…all these tools are here for you! Unleash your creative potential on our quaint historic workbenches. Follow your own ideas or use one of our building kits and follow the instructions. We offer kits with varying levels of difficulty for beginners and advanced makers.

Holz bearbeiten in der Holzwerkstatt in Oskarshausen

Choose a T-shirt or fabric bag in your favorite color and size and make it your own original piece with iron-on pictures and letters.

Gestalte in der Textildruckstube in Oskarshausen T-Shirts und Stoffbeutel

Slides, climbing frames, trampolines and a ball pit – we have it all! In Oskarshausen, you can always play, no matter what the weather. For our youngest visitors, we have a separate corner with various foam toys.

Attention: Socks only playroom, no food & drinks. In Oskarshausen, parents are responsible for their children.

Tob dich aus im Kinderzimmer von Oskarshausen. Auf dich warten Bällepools und ein Kletterparcour.

There is no cue involved, but still, the correct ball has to be potted using a white one. The first one to score the black ball at the end wins.

You can either play wearing socks, clean sneakers or soccer shoes.

Fußballbillard in Oskarshausen für Klein und Groß

This one is for the dads: If our selection of over 80 brews of craftbeers and our soccer-pool a have failed to raise your interest, this is the place that will catch your eye.

On two big SIKU tables, you can test the remote-controlled high-quality SIKU vehicles. They might just be the the present you are looking for.

In Oskar’s indoor area, you will find multiple game areas with smaller SIKU cars to play with for free.

SIKU Autospieltische in Oskarshausen

Take a break at Oskar’s cinema. The comfortable wooden seats and pillows provide an opportunity to relax before heading on to your next adventure in Oskarshausen.

Book your ticket for our famous puppet theatre shows at

Local and homemade products, individual gifts and special decorations – be inspired as you take a stroll through Oskar’s market.

Need a gift for your neighbour or a big „thank you“ for your mother? Here, you will find everything you want.

Regionale Produkte, Hausgemachtes, individuelle Geschenkideen und Dekorationen im Entdeckermarkt.

321… Go! Right onto the speedy E-kart track!

Depending on the weather conditions, our E-karts drive indoors and outdoors. Just insert a 1 € coin and off you go!

Tritt aufs Gas in der Indoor-Rennstrecke in Oskarshausen

How about a delicious cup of coffee, latte macchiato or a freshly baked piece of cake? Enjoy our wide variety of warm drinks and snacks and take a break in our restaurant area.

Naschen und genießen in der Oskarshausen Kaffelaube

Here, you can pay for your treasures from the Oskar’s Market and have them packed right there. We accept cash (€), debit card and VISA / Mastercard.

In case you decide to continue discovering Oskar’s world, please make sure that your bag stays closed after purchase and you have the receipt.

At the cash desk, you can also buy gift cards from 10 €. They work as prepaid cards. It is not necessary to use all money at once.

Kasse und Ausgangsbereich von Oskarshausen

The most exciting exhibition of illusions in Europe. With over 50 spots for spectacular pictures, a unique thrilling experience awaits you!

Diese und viele weitere optische Täuschungen, Illusionen & Co. findet ihr jetzt und demnächst in Oskarshausen und in Oskars Illusionswelt.

Culinary Cafeteria

Our self-service family restaurant will satisfy every taste bud! Excellent dishes including seasonal offers and specialties.

Would you like to make a reservation for a table for your group? No problem! We can reserve a table from 10 people and more. Just send us an e-mail to:

Enjoy your meal!

Die Spachtelwerkstatt ist das Selbstbedienungs-Familienrestaurant von Oskarshausen. Hier gibt's für jeden Geschmack das Richtige.