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– Climbing, jumping, pony riding and much more –

Pony riding

Do you know Fletscher, Pietro und Gerry?

Our four-legged friends of the Pistolero Ranch look forward to taking you on their backs. Of course, you can also pet the ponies and learn a lot about their happy life in Pistolero Ranch.

Our ponies are looking forward to seeing you in Oskarshausen from Wednesday to Friday 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm. On weekends, national and school holidays from 11 am – 5 pm. In case of bad weather stay our ponies in a stable and relax.

Weather permitting / from 2€ / child

Besuche unsere vierbeinigen Freunde auf der Pistolero Ranch. Hier kannst du unsere Ponys streicheln und auch reiten.

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Climb to the very top of the tower and enjoy a great view of Oskarshausen!

Aussichtsturm & Kletterturm in Oskarshausen

Oskar’s pedal cars are sooo fast! Are you ready to win?

Mit Oskars Tretautos bist du schnell unterwegs.

Find your way out of Oskar’s Labyrinth! Along the way, you will discover many exciting challenges. (free entry).

Finde den Weg durch Oskars Baustellenlabyrinth.

Perfect place for treasure hunts! Start digging, scratching, sieving and find Oskar’s hidden treasure!

Kinderbergwerk in Oskarshausen

Get Oskar’s great wood marbles from the machine (2 € / pcs.) and use them for the marble fun! You can move and rebuild some flexible parts of the track.

Maximaler Kullerspaß mit Oskars Murmelbahn

The biggest water playground made of wood! Pumping water into troughs, filling buckets with water and back again … this is great fun for all, who like to play with water!

Unser Wasserspielplatz aus Holz wartet auf dich!

Oskar’s giant slide towers over 6 meters! Are you ready?!

Riesenrutschburg als Spiderman in Oskarshausen

A few bubbles in the air make your day in Oskarshausen even more beautiful and colorful!

Seifenblasen machen deinen Tag in Oskarshausen noch schöner und bunter.

321… go! Who will be the fastest on the track?!

When the sun is shining, here is the right place to go karting. Throw 1 € coin into the E-kart and have fun!

Bei gutem Wetter kannst du hier deine Runden in einem unserer Elektro-Flitzer drehen

Shoes off…and off you go! Unlimited jumping pleasure for the whole family!

Hüpfkissen im Außenbereich von Oskarshausen

Here you can shovel, sieve and build!

With the excavator (1 € coin insertion) it’s even more fun!

Sandbagger für kleine Bauarbeiter in Oskarshausen

For all adrenaline lovers! Are you ready to try free fall jump?

Jump from a pedestal into a big cushion. The two jump heights from the ground are 4.20 meters and 6.20 meters. The air cushion measures 8x8x3 meters.

Included in day ticket. Weather permitting.

Traust du dich den Wolkensprung zu wagen? Hier gibt es echten Nervenkitzel

Like on a real farm! Have fun, play hide and seek in the straw! Right next to the Pony Farm.

Klettern, verstecken und im Stroh spielen - In Oskars Heulabyrinth

The world is spinning round and round…! Try aquazorbing – roll over the water, fall, stand up and back again!

Small pedal boats are included in the basic entrance fee, aquazorbing is included only in the PLUS ticket. (Pedal boats are up to 45 kg, aquazorbing up to 80 kg)

Boote und Bälle Becken in Oskarshausen

On this special wall, you learn to make music through imagination! Thanks to Oskar’s ideas, many sounds can be made, even with the simplest things.

Hier sind viel Fantasie und Kreativität gefragt - Setzt eure Ideen in musikalische Klänge um, mit Oskars Tüftler-Orchester.

Saddle and “ride” on wooden pony! Which pony is your favorite?

in Oskarshausen auf Holzponys reiten